About my work /Sobre o meu trabalho


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This blog has no intention to be introspective or intellectual – it only wants to deal with a quite simple truth: if body, mind, food & soul are not in balance, our body and mind will be presenting to ourselves the effects of this kind of life through stress, illness, negative emotions, anxiety, bad eating habits etc

I work as a Nutritional and Wellness Therapist /coach, health cooking instructor, Bach flower therapist and Restorative, Pregnancy, Face and Hatha yoga teacher which gives me the chance to have a holistic perspective towards my clients.

Nurture yourself with what really inspires and makes you happy.


Kiki Felipe

  • About the other therapies: please check links on the top of Home page.

Kiki Felipe

Face Yoga, Facial Yoga

Health and Wellness Coach Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, USA

Bach Flower Therapist, The Bach Centre, Mount Vernon, UK

Mindfulness Meditation, The Mindfulness Project, London, UK

Transcedental Meditation, São Paulo, BR

Restorative Yoga Teacher training, Anna Ashby, Triyoga, London, UK

Restorative Yoga Teacher training, Adelene Cheong/endorsed by Judith Lasater, London, UK

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training, Nadia Narain, Triyoga, London, UK

Sivananda, 200YTT, Sun Power Yoga, London, UK

Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, FR




Este blog fala sobre tudo o que nos nutre: comida, receitas, viagens, fotografia, meditação, yoga, livros, ciência, meio-ambiente e life style.

Love. Always.

Com muito carinho. Sempre.

Kiki Felipe


Kiki Felipe

Terapeuta / Coach de saúde e bem-estar,  Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, USA

Terapeuta dos Florais de Bach, The Bach Centre, Mount Vernon, Inglaterra

Meditação Transcedental, São Paulo, Br

Mindfulness Meditation, The Mindfulness Project, Londres, Inglaterra

Yoga Restorativa, formação para professores (Yoga Restorativa) Anna Ashby, Triyoga, Londres, Inglaterra

Yoga Restorativa, formação para professores (Yoga Restorativa) Adelene Cheong/Judith Lasater, Londres, Inglaterra

Yoga para Grávidas, formação para professores Nadia Narain, Londres, Inglaterra

Sivananda Yoga, formação para professores, 200YTT, Sun Power Yoga, Londres, UK

Pastry Chef,  Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, Fr

(Photo: Kiki Felipe by Brisa Chander; other photos by Kiki Felipe)



5 responses to “About my work /Sobre o meu trabalho

  1. Amalia


    Adorei o curso ontem e mais ainda de te conhecer!
    Parabéns pelo trabalho,


  2. marcela

    O seu trabalho é lindo!

  3. Lili Millar Yoga

    Hi Kiki

    Lovely to meet you today. Me day job is teaching yoga ☺️



    • Hi Lili, Thank you and apologies that took me so long to write back to you…
      Welcome! It was super meeting you and what a great surprise to find out that you are a yoga teacher as well! Such a great coincidence! Big love, Kiki

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