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“I surrender, I trust, I accept, I’m grateful.”   Prof. Hermógenes

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a very broad term that encompasses any of the physical practices of yoga. 

It’s an active practice and as any other yoga style, when practiced regularly, improve strength, flexibility, and balance; reduce stress; and provide many therapeutic benefits as well.


Pregnancy Yoga

It helps to support the woman’s body and mind during this period where so many changes are taking place in her body and life.

Taking time to yourself to tune-in to your body and your growing baby, will be really helpful during the pregnancy.


Restorative Yoga

If you’re going through a overwhelmed period in your life (anxiety, worries and stress), recovering from some injury, in need to rest your body and mind through periods of intense exercises trainings/practices, or maybe you need a ‘chill-out moment’, this practice is amazing! An great opportunity to rest, re-callibrate and restore.

Some of the benefits of Restorative Yoga when practiced regularly:

  • helps to heal the effects of chronic disease
  • helps recover from illness or injuries
  • quiets the mind
  • brings balance – it’s an amazing counterpoint – to more active yoga practices or exercises (running, swimming, cycling, etc)
  • ‘restores’ and soothes the organs
  • enables yourself to really tune into the whole of your experience within your body, feelings and mind
  • revitalizes the body
  • helps stress management processes

It’s your moment of ‘surrender’ and to be present.

It gives yourself the opportunity to observe your body without judgements and stress.


Face Yoga

The benefits of correctly stimulating the facial muscles, bones, skin 

and nerves can infinitely help – from the way we look at ourselves, 

our diet and body posture.

It rejuvenates and boosts self-esteem, however does more than just 

a physical change, it improves focus (in life and work), it helps shift  

the nervous system into a more relaxing state and giving us a 

different perspective of the way we relate to ourselves and to the world.

“We get so worried about being pretty…

Let’s be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty gentle, pretty strong.”




Yoga Restorativa

“Eu entrego, confio, aceito e agradeço.” Prof. Hermógenes

A maioria dos asanas são direcionados para relaxar o corpo e a mente. Ajuda também a mudar o modus operandi de estresse e sobrecarga de pensamentos e preocupações no sistema nervoso, conduzindo-o para um profundo relaxamento e equilíbrio. Desta forma o corpo se beneficia por completo.

Alguns benefícios da yoga restorativa quando praticada regularmente:

  • ajuda no processo de cura de doenças crônicas no corpo
  • ajuda na recuperação de doenças ou lesões
  • tranquiliza a mente
  • revitaliza o corpo

É o seu momento de ‘entrega’, de estar presente.

Dá a oportunidade de observar o seu corpo, mente e vida sem julgamento ou estresse.

É uma excelente prática para contra-balancear com outras atividades físicas – corrida, natação, ciclismo, etc – ou práticas mais ativas de Yoga – ashtanga, vinyasa , hot/warm, etc.

Para conhecer as outras terapias, por favor, clique nos links da página principal.

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