It’s a process. It takes time.


Looking at this photo the other day, I noticed the position of my arms and shoulders. It made me think of the sentences ‘long road travelled’ and ‘get them here’. For many, this position is easily achievable but for me, it is the result of a few years of resilience, patience, hard work, pain, lots of tears and rebalancing my body – the endless process of coping, recovering, healing, resetting. Some time ago my body ‘collapsed’ in many ways, all due stress, sadness, anxiety. These feelings embodied themselves around my neck and shoulders giving me a lot of pain around those areas (it turned out to be a herniated disc). My active yoga practice became extremely challenging and for a couple of years, the only practice I could handle was restorative yoga, 6/7 days a week (in the beginning even some basic poses were still very challenging). Due hard work, patience and amazing yoga teachers, that I am forever grateful for, step by step I recovered from the injury’s acute state and slowly made my way back into a more active practice – improving my body’s biomechanics, therefore, improving movement and emotional state. “Your body knows the pace it can handle. Listen to it. It will tell you what it  needs.”

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