Viparita Karani


Viparita Karani /Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose, viparita “inverted or reversed,” karani “to do.”

Amazing restful pose. One of my favourites. Bliss.

Move your hips closer to the wall and bring your legs up the wall – ensure that your legs are pointed vertically.

You can prop your pelvis with a bolster or folded blanket. 


Glaucoma or other eye problems

high blood pressure

menstruating – some women prefer not taking this pose during their period and some yoga traditions advice against doing it during menstruation)

Hernia – it can be uncomfortable and maybe must be propped in a different way • If you feel pain or very uncomfortable whilst in this pose please, consider not practising it.

Pose Benefits:

• It’s a deeply relaxing pose that helps to calm the nervous system

• It helps to relieve tension or fatigue from the legs, feet and even the hips. It’s just an amazing pose to take after long travels, long periods of standing or sitting, etc.

OBS: You can stay in this pose from 5 to15 minutes. Take your time releasing from this asana. Release your legs down and roll to one side. Stay there for a few moments. Slowly roll yourself up into sitting

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