Sanduíches – Sandwiches



Pães integrais, com grãos, farinhas diversas, também na versão sem glúten e sementes diversas (Já dá um sabor especial no sanduíche)

Sugestões para Recheios 

1. Muzzarella de búfala

Rúcula, conserva de beringela e tomate seco

2. Fatias de salmão defumado ou atum, mostarda e  abacate

3. Rosbife, mostarda e alface romana

4. Cream-cheese temperado com ervas, peito de peru (de preferência o tradicional) e queijo mozzarella fatiado



The best breads, in my opinion, are the multi-grains and seeds,  sourdough, baguette, ciabatta and if you wish or have allergies concerning gluten, you have the gluten-free option.


  1. Fresh mozzarella, rockets, sundried tomatoes and aubergine paste
  2. Slices of smoked salmon or tuna, avocado and horseradish
  3. Soft-cheese/cream-cheese mix with parsley and spring onions (chopped) , thin slices of cheddar or mozzarella and good quality of turkey, chicken or ham slices.
  4. Lamb or beef , wholegrain mustard and baby-roman-lettuce or watercress

Bon appetite!


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