Food Choices Matter

Food Choices Matter

(photo above by Kiki Felipe)

article from: Whole Foods Market newsletter/March 2010

“What do you know about the beef cattle that your burger came from? Is that salmon fillet from a wild-caught fish or farm-raised — and what does that mean for the planet? Can you identify all of the ingredients in your favorite cupcake? What does it mean for a tomato to be labeled organic, conventional or local?

All of the questions and messages about food and where it comes from can be daunting, especially when you just want to get dinner on the table in a hurry. But your conscience tugs at you, saying: “What I eat matters. Not only for my health but for that of other people and the planet.”

You’re not alone. A lot of us feel this way. And you’re right: food choices do matter. What we put on our plates affects the world and its people every day. We cast a ballot with every bite. We vote with our food dollars for organic, for ethical trade, for planet-friendly, for whatever is important to us. The more we vote for better choices, the more change happens in the food industry and in the world.

And it doesn’t have to be so daunting. Whole Foods Market is made up of people who work hard to decipher the tough questions and offer easier choices for you. From the team members in your neighborhood store who proudly offer local products to our global expert who contributes to shaping government policy as a member of the National Organic Standards Board, we help cut through the noise. Here, every shopping dollar stretches far beyond the checkout lane.

Bottom line: what we eat matters. Yes, the small food choices we make every day can add up to big change. Yes, it requires more than swallowing thoughtless food conventions. Yes, it makes a difference.

Let’s retake our plates.”

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Subject: Retake Our Plates Film Series – Now Showing

Let’s Retake Our Plates Film Series —
We are pleased to host the Let’s Retake Our Plate Film Series during the month of April. Sink your teeth into a thought-provoking series of films that uncover the real impact of what’s on your fork.Find out more about the screenings near you! wfm_logo1.gif
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