The space where you ‘reset’

It’s so important to care about the space we choose for resting. Make sure it brings you peace and safety.
Remember that”s where you’re going to reset, rebalance, recalibrate.
Make sure it’s clean, comfy, refreshing, and uncluttered (if it’s a room/house). Choose wisely the colours and objects you have in this area. 
All this and many other details will contribute to helping the brain, the nervous system, therefore, the body, to restore.

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How you’re taking care of your skin.

Be aware of how you take care of your skin. 
Exfoliating it (with appropriate products)once or twice a week can help to regenerate and deeply clean your skin and boost blood circulation.

Be aware and choose wisely the products you use on your face, body, nails and hair (including sunblocks…) and the quality of the water you drink. 

Choose wisely the products you clean and refresh the house with as a massive percentage is absorbed by the skin.

As much as possible, choose natural, organic, ‘no animal tested’, BPA and paraben free.

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Why mouth hygiene is so important?

A healthy mouth is more important than you might think and has a lot to do with self-care, self-esteem and a healthy body.

There is evidence that gum disease is related to diabetes, heart and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Be aware that ‘bad breath’ can be related to poor mouth hygiene and poor digestion among other conditions (throat infections, sinusitis, diabetes, etc).

By keeping our teeth and gums healthy we are more likely to help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Care about your mouth hygiene:

• Have a healthy and balanced diet with low sugar intake.

• Brush your teeth at least twice a day (ideally, after every time  for 2 minutes each time and after

Keep your toothbrush clean and dry after using it. Replace it when necessary.

• Floss between teeth + use interdental brush cleaner as well. (it’s unbelievable the amount of food that is still left between teeth after you brush them).

• Our tongue says a lot about our health. 

Clean the surface of your tongue, daily, using a tongue scraper. It removes bad bacteria preventing it to grow. 

No. Brushing our tongue does not deep clean it. 

• Choose wisely your toothpaste. Careful with the whitening products as some of them can damage the tooth enamel leaving it more unprotected from cavities

• Visit your dentist regularly (at least every 6 months) for a check-up. 

• Do not delay going to see your dentist if you are experiencing, toothache, gum bleeding and constant bad breath.

PS: Babies (as early as newborns) need care about their mouth hygiene as well.

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In Conversation with Benjamin Fry

This week I’ll be talking to Benjamin Fry live on Instagram @kikifelipe

You can always check the IGTV to watch it later.

Benjamin Fry is the Founder of NeuralSolution, Khiron House and Get Stable. He is an accredited psychotherapist, author and entrepreneur. He has had a rich and varied career, combining his interests in psychology, the media and business. In his twenties he founded and exited two small businesses before starting a family, training as a psychotherapist and writing his first book which led to presenting a television series for the BBC. More recently he has combined his business experience, clinical training and media skills to set up Khiron House, a residential mental-health clinic, to lobby for more effective treatment in the public sector through his non-profit Get Stable and to found NeuralSolution which delivers nervous system informed technology for a variety of behavioural health problems.

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In Conversation with Slavomir Latko

Slavomir Latko. His own childhood health challenges along with truly awe-inspiring mystical experiences starting in early teenage years have fuelled his explorations of the deeper nature of healing. Being able to travel and study ancient healing traditions at their roots also led him to understand the importance of the facilitator’s own transformation. 

• Hawaiian Temple style Lomi Lomi Nui bodywork with Susan Pa’iniu Floyd as taught by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. 

• Clinical massage:  BTEC Therapeutic Massage (Level 5), BTEC Professional Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Body Massage (Level 3), FHT Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage all at London School of Massage.

• Sound therapy: Sound Massage at Peter Hess Academy. Cellular Resonance Therapy at Polish Sound Academy. Fabien’s Maman sonic acupuncture.

• Medicine Buddha & Dharma studies with Khenpo Gelek Gyamtso, a disciple of Dzogchen master Akhyuk Rinpoche.

• Daoist Wellness Yang Sheng Fa & Qigong with Gu Shiyi, 15th generation of Wudang Sanfeng Pai, a disciple of grandmaster Zhong Yun Long.

• Since 2019 he continues his Chinese medicine studies within a more classical context with Damo Mitchell (Xian Tian College of Classical Chinese Medicine) as an integral part of ongoing, internal cultivation art.

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In conversation with Andrew McGonigle

Andrew McGonigle has been studying anatomy for over twenty years, originally training to become a doctor and then moving away from Western medicine to become a yoga teacher, massage therapist and anatomy teacher. He combines all of his skills and experience to teach anatomy and physiology on Yoga Teacher Training courses internationally and runs his own online Anatomy and Physiology Applied to Yoga courses. His new book Supporting Yoga Students with Common Injuries and Conditions: A Handbook for Yoga Teachers and Trainees was published in March 2021. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband. 

For more information visit:  

Instagram @doctoryogi1

Facebook: @doctoryogiandrew

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In Conversation with Anna Ashby

Instagram Live/IGTV

Anna Ashby has been studying and practicing yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching since 1999. An experienced teacher, she holds the highest level of certification by the Yoga Alliance Professionals – Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) and Yoga Alliance (US) E-RYT-500. She also holds a B.A. (Hons) in Modern Dance which she gained from Mills College in California in 1991. 

Anna’s teaching style has evolved over the years from her study of dance, in-depth training with established, classical yoga systems that focus on alignment, and a dedicated meditation practice that developed while she lived for 12 years in a yoga ashram in upstate New York.

Anna teaches at triyoga in London, UK and is one of London’s leading yoga teachers. She is a founder and senior faculty member of the triyoga Teacher Training Programme, one of the most comprehensive and rigorous training programmes in Europe.

She is also specialised in teaching restorative yoga, including RTT (Restorative Teacher Training).

Anna regularly leads retreats, workshops and trainings in the UK and Europe.

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In Conversation with Rebecca Tieken

Rebecca Tieken, for the last decade, works as an independent midwife (not employed by any hospital trust or company therefore she’s able to give unbiased information), pregnancy, postnatal yoga teacher and mum.
Her yoga journey started when practicing to strengthen her back muscles to alleviate her scoliosis (she has a slight deviation in her spine). She also found it useful to stretch out her tired muscles after long-haul flights during the time she used to work as a cabin crew for a major airline.
Yoga became her way to keep fit and focused. 
She wants pregnant women to keep feeling healthy, strong, and graceful as being pregnant is not a medical condition – just another variation of normal.
After leaving the airline, she retrained as a midwife and five years ago underwent the pregnancy/postnatal yoga teacher training and started teaching since then.

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In Conversation with Joo Teoh

Instagram Live/IGTV

Joo Teoh is a teacher of hatha vinyasa yoga, qigong and meditation. Joo started teaching in 2007 in China’s first dedicated yoga studio, Yoga Yard Beijing. In the UK, he has taught at The Life Centre, Yoga On The Lane, and Triyoga. 
He integrates movements and postures from the yogic tradition with energetic qigong practices, which aim to strengthen the body and calm the mind.
Joo is also a Five Element acupuncturist, practising the tradition as taught by the late Prof JR Worsley. Joo was trained at the London Institute of Five Element Acupuncture (LIFEA) by Master Five Element acupuncturist, fertility expert and author Gerad Kite. 
He lives in Normandy, France, from where he runs his groups and online classes. He converted his 17th century home into a retreat center.

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Kiki Felipe conversa com Sophia Bisilliat/Ediçāo especial Brasil

Sophia Bisilliat é paulistana e especializada em balé classico, artes cênicas e circo.
Durante dezenove anos (1981-2000) desenvolveu no presídio do Carandirú, em São Paulo, alguns projetos: o ’Teatro no Presídio’, que ficou ativo por 3 anos e depois o ‘Talentos Aprisionados’, onde realizava com os presos, cursos de teatro, dança, desfile, artes plásticas, literatura e música (deste trabalho com música, foi lançado um grupo de grande destaque e atuação no cenário do Rap nacional: o 509-E).  @509-E

Em 2016, deu início aos estudos do yoga e começou a dar aulas.
Em Setembro de 2018 o projeto ‘Treino na Laje’ foi criado e tem como objetivo ser um programa social inovador, realizando atuações inclusivas e voltadas para a autoestima e valorização do indivíduo.
O projeto começou em uma laje e hoje encontra-se presente em outras sete nas comunidades Cohab Adventista, Fundão, Jardim Imbé, Jardim Guacuri em Diadema, Projeto apenas um Filho/Zona Sul, Sabin e Jd Arpoador na Zona Leste.
As ações sociais são realizadas nas comunidades periféricas da cidade de São Paulo, com os indivíduos que vivem em extrema carência social.
Além das práticas de yoga o ‘Treino na Laje’ conta com a participação de professores  formados (voluntários) em outras áreas: treino funcional, circo, entre outras.
O projeto, desde o início da pandemia (março 2020), começou, através de doações e parcerias, a distribuição de cestas básicas (uma média de 980 cestas mensais) para as famílias de 12 comunidades e levando alimentos e roupas para os moradores de rua na área do centro de São Paulo.

Para informações e doações Instagram @sophiabisilliat @treinonalaje

foto Sophia porTais Bertollim

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